Terms and Conditions


Last Updated: 5/14/21

The following are terms and conditions for all projects/services provided by High Octane Management, LLC (“High Octane Management”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”.). Any information not provided at sign-up will be requested by High Octane Management and provided by the Client (“You”, “Their”, “Your”). Signature on our project/service agreement indicates agreement to these terms of service.


Payment is accepted via credit or debit card (through Stripe). All services/projects require full payment of the total estimate of the project/service before any and all work can begin. The Client will have the opportunity to approve additional charges should any occur during the development of the project/service. Any invoice that is not paid in full after 14 days will be subject to a late fee of 25% of the balance.


At Our sole discretion, We may offer a full or partial refund or a discount to the Client under certain circumstances. A Client has the option to submit a refund via Stripe or an email with Their order/transaction/invoice number. Once the dispute is placed it will go under review and a refund or decline of refund should be sent to the Client within 14 days.


It is the responsibility of the Client to review the project/service timeline and adhere to the dates for deliverables on their part. Failure to meet deadlines imposed by High Octane Management will result in the delay of project/service, or risk putting the project/service on hold. We may invoice the Client for additional resources should the delay of a project/service interrupt Our workflow. Indefinite delay of a project/service may result in project/service termination, and a new agreement must be reached prior to restarting the project. Payments for projects/services are non-refundable, and will not be returned to the Client should a project/service be delayed or terminated as a result of the Client failing to adhere to project timeline, not submitting required content in a timely manner, or failing to review in a timely manner.


Any 14-day span of non-communication from the Client will result in the project’s/service’s cancellation. In addition, You, at Your discretion, may terminate further work on a project/service. If the Client does not submit all required content within the allotted 14 days of the start of the project/service, the project/service will be canceled and will be subject to the cancellation policies set forth in this agreement. If the Client requires a revision, all content of change must be submitted within 7 days of the completed revision or the project/service will be canceled. In all cases, the payment will not be refunded. If You desire the continuation of the project/service, a new payment will be required at the current rate.


Revisions are considered changes to the text/content/design submitted to Us after the design process has begun. You need to provide accurate and detailed feedback during the revision phase. All feedback must be submitted within 3 days of the start of the revision period. A revision period will start when an email is sent to the Client with access to the project/service. All projects/services are allotted 3 revisions free of charge. If You require additional revisions, an additional $100 per revision will be added to Your total project/service cost/invoice and both High Octane Management and the Client must agree in order to perform the revision. All revisions or changes must be submitted via email.


Any project/service completed by High Octane Management may be used as part of the High Octane Management collection. All work may be used in any future High Octane Management marketing materials.


All submissions of content for the project/service must be submitted via email or cloud. All services provided by High Octane Management may be used only in accordance with the law. Storage, documentation, transmission, or presentation of information or data that violates US Federal, State, or City law is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted or plagiarized material, racist or threatening material, material that is obscene, pornography, “adult only” content, or material protected by other statutes. All content provided to the Client by High Octane Management is believed to constitute original work and is prepared in good faith that it does not infringe on the rights of any other party. However, We cannot provide an explicit or absolute guarantee that any specific works do not infringe upon existing third-party rights, whether inadvertently, by coincidence, or otherwise. You are hereby encouraged to further research, trademark, or copyright the work through the legal process required in their location. All content submitted to Us for use on any project/service guarantees that the content is owned by the Client and cannot be used in any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements provided by the Client. All submission of work to be used on a project/service guarantees permission for High Octane Management to use on the project/service.


High Octane Management reserves the right to use its sole discretion in refusing to create, design, or promote anything We deem improper or known to be illegal. We are not liable for any damages resulting from unwitting violation of copyright laws or illegal use of trade names or slogans.